S.G. Photography *** My Perspective***

About The Photographer

My name is Stuart Gaskins and I am a total shutter bug. When people ask me how long i have been taking pictures, and i say "all my life" i'm not exaggerating. All the way back in my preschool days, i can remember snapping family photos with my mothers camera, and as i got older, my camera never left my side. I purchased my first film SLR in 2004 but went digital soon after and never looked back. My current camera is a Nikon d300s/d700 and i have other assorted equipment, my collection is constantly growing/changing as i try new things. In the past i have shot with a d70 and a d90 I love Nikon. I shoot photos for all types of events and situations. The camera goes where i go. I have shot professionally for Automotive Rhythms Magazine, Throttle Life, Elite DC Magazine, and SHY Nightlife Magazine to name a few. I mostly do a lot of shooting just for fun, i love shooting with my friends @ CH. If you have a shiny new expensive camera and don't know how 2 use it, shoot me a message, i love to help out newcomers!

I started SGphoto (the business) in 2009 and started taking photos full time.  It was pretty awesome, a bit exhausting running from place to place, never the same daily routine, but i still loved it.  I have to mention the people who helped me along the way, without them SGphoto would never have made it and i would have never had the chance to spend a year following a dream.  Erik Flo, helped me get my feet wet, my first teacher in the Nightlife business, man, its way more rough than anyone can know, Anwaa Kong owner of ELITE DC magazine, pretty much the top man in night life media, there are a lot of phonies out there, this guy is the real deal, the Godfather of nightlife media,  Leon Briton and Kimatni Rawlins from Automotive Rhythms and Throttle life, Thanks for the awesome opportunities you guys made possible for me, and all the photogs at Creative Hysteria yes the photography business can be highly competitive and cutthroat, but you guys didn't mind having me along to shoot with you guys, John, you kept inviting me down to the studio, even though i could never make it, You guys have all the connections.

The business is over with for now, a bit of a relief, now i am back to shooting just for the love of photography.  I have started down a new career path now as a US Marine.  It's a demanding job, but i will still drag out the old Nikon and hit up some car shows and events any chance i get!  I am currently located in Beaufort SC, very close to Savannah GA, but i still return home to the DC area every once in a while.  Wherever i am, the camera comes with me.